What 2020 means to us

12th February 2020

Who we are

With a wealth of experience across our services (crew, security, training and projects) we have provided in the UK and internationally, it is likely there is no type of event we have not encountered before. Our founding philosophy is to do things differently; treat our staff as individuals and our clients as part of our Five Star family. Along the way, we hope we have gained the trust and loyalty of everyone we work with allowing us to expand and grow. We believe that the growth of our company depends on the way we manage the work relationships in each of our regions, in each department and with each member of our team.

At Five Star crew, we offer the best service and assistance to our Event Organiser’s from start to finish. From a personal relationship with your account manager to the assistance from the Crew Managers and Crew Chief’s on-site, we support you not only with helping hands but the assurance that everything runs smoothly from the moment we receive your enquiry. With our experienced Crew Chief’s and site visits from the Crew Managers, we ensure you feel confident we oversee everything and you can put your trust in our team.


Over the last 12 months, the scale of the jobs that we have been completing has dramatically increased. As the company has grown significantly in size, it has allowed us to take on some immensely ambitious projects as well as collect some deep knowledge of the local industry and market trends. Winning the sole supplier contract for the recent NATO Summit and Global Conference for Media Freedom are a few of the highlights for Five Star during 2019. Taking on these larger-scale jobs, we have been able to demonstrate our skill set and professionalism when working alongside established companies, resulting in the successful delivery of our work to these events.

What 2020 means to us


With Five Star supplying crew in six regions, and soon to be opening a seventh, we offer services to cover the whole of the UK. Our coverage means we continue to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients by delivering a personal service no matter where their event is. Our recent expansions have fuelled our confidence and ability to also venture further outside of the UK – with  Europe, Asia, Africa and North America now part of our event portfolio.

Environmental Sustainability

We are passionate about being an environmentally friendly company. During 2019, we introduced our branded eco bottles which encouraged the crew to stay hydrated on-site and help reduce the amount of plastic we are using as a company. We also invested in an electric response vehicle for our London region as we understand how important it is for our Crew Managers to be able to frequently travel around the city to undertake site visits, we wanted to ensure we were cutting pollution rather than contributing to the climate crisis. This year we aim to encourage less travel for the crew by focusing on working with clients to maximise crew efficiency. Please email info@fivestarcrew.co.uk if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to improve our sustainability.


Mental health is a largely taboo subject, resulting in detrimental outcomes for many people across the world. It is important that our employees are keeping themselves healthy, both physically and mentally. However, we understand this can be difficult particularly in their line of work; working long unsociable hours and undertaking labour-intensive tasks. This is why for 2020 we have partnered with CALM, the mental health charity to make sure that our crew have 24-hour support. We will be donating, sponsoring and campaigning for this amazing charity throughout 2020. 

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the cause of 18 deaths every day. Together they help parents, siblings, partners, friends and colleagues spreading their message and facilitate, universities, pubs, clubs and prisons across the country – so that people feel empowered to share their experiences and get the help they need before they reach the point of crisis.
Please visit the CALM website for more information on the work they do. https://www.thecalmzone.net/


Over the last few years, we have not only focused on the size of jobs that we have been taking on, but we have been heavily involved in the development of our teams. We keep our policies and procedures under constant review to match the ever-changing needs of the events world. Our recruitment and training processes also come under heavy internal scrutiny to ensure we keep up with the industry’s highest standards. We aim to provide SPA training for all crew that are one star or above, which is important for on-site safety. Alongside this ongoing training for both new recruits and existing crew, we believe keeping the team trained and up to date with all the correct knowledge allows us to deliver the most efficient and skilled workforce in the industry.