HEALTH HACKS – Crew wellbeing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

10th October 2019

Mental health is a largely taboo subject, resulting in detrimental outcomes for many people across the world. 800,000 people commit suicide yearly for many reasons that affect their lives and leave them wanting to no longer be here. It is important that our employees are keeping themselves healthy, both physically and mentally. However, we understand this can be difficult particularly in their line of work; working long unsociable hours and the labour-intensive tasks they undertake. Five Star Crew have put together some crew health hacks to ensure that all our crew are putting themselves first and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • Regular Exercise 

It is important to exercise on a regular basis, we know this is probably the last thing you want to do after you have been on site all day however think about taking up a sport you enjoy. Exercise can improve your mental health for many reasons but mainly because it allows your body to release endorphins and serotonin which allows your mood to improve. It has also been proven that regular exercise can decrease stress, anxiety and even loneliness as it allows you to socialise and be in touch with people around you.

Why not join a local sports activity today!








  • Eating well

A balanced diet can really affect your mental state, allowing yourself the right nutrients and eating more fruit and veg can lead to better wellbeing. This may be difficult to control when you don’t have a regular routine, try food prepping at the start of the week and keep your snacks healthy throughout the day. A poor diet can lead to poor physical health and be detrimental to your mental wellbeing.

Heres a link to some brain-boosting recipes!


  • Sleep

Allowing yourself enough sleep plays a huge role in how your body and mind functions. Although this sounds simple we understand that for many people this can be a massive struggle, especially when you are working such varied and unsociable hours. Sleep deprivation is closely connected to depression and it is important that if this is something you struggle with that you do something about it.

One way that you can try and improve your sleeping pattern is our number 1 point – EXERCISE. Another way is changing your lifestyle, whether this is the amount of caffeine you are drinking, watching highly thought-provoking Netflix series before bed or worrying about what you have got to do tomorrow.

Heres our top 3 sleep hack recommendations:

1. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol late in the day. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and can keep you from falling asleep. Alcohol can cause waking in the night and interferes with sleep quality.

2. Follow a routine to help you relax and wind down before sleep, such as reading a book, listening to music, or taking a bath. Relaxation techniques such as meditation have been proven to improve sleep.



3. If you have trouble lying awake worrying about things, try making a to-do list before you go to bed. This may help you to avoid focusing on those worries overnight.


  • Having YOU time

Sometimes the simplest solution is to just take some time for yourself and relax. There is nothing better than a bit of personal care. It is ok to book time off work and not to make plans. Make sure you take some time to look after yourself and do things that make yourself happy.


  • Be aware of your mental health

It is important to keep on top of how you feel and keep a note of when you don’t feel yourself. If this becomes more of a regular occurrence then make sure you tell somebody. There is nothing wrong with feeling down but there is something wrong with keeping it to yourself as you could be preventing yourself from receiving help, love and support.

We hope these health hacks help support you but if you are in need and wish to talk to someone, please contact your area manager or visit where they have information on how you can get help.


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